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What Is MCD Trade License

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General Trade/ Storage License Issued by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) issues general Trade/Storage License to the traders/ establishments for permitted trade activities under Section 2 (59) of the DMC Act, 1957. It is mandatory for all traders/ establishments to obtain trade/ storage license under Section 417 of the DMC Act, 1957 in the jurisdiction of MCD.

Necessity of Municipal License

As per Section 417 of the DMC Act-1957 (amended time to time) provides that any person, who so ever desires to establish business of a General Trade and Storage, is required to obtain license from MCD.

Amendment in the license

No amendment in case of increase/ decrease in the area for trade/ storage will be permissible. In case of increase in area of the trade premises, a fresh application will be entertained on submission of requisite difference of fees as per prescribed rates of License Fee.

Type of MCD Trade License

Trade/Storage Licence
Health Trade Licence
Veterinary Licence
Factory/ Hawking Licence

What Is Included In Our Package ?

MCD Trade License

Drafting Documents
Application Filing
Application Processing
Completion of registration

Procedure For MCD Trade License

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Complete Our MCD Form

You are required to fill our simple online MCD code application form and email documents.

MCD Application Creation

We draft your application for MCD code and file it with the DGFT office on your behalf.

MCD fee payment

We pay the MCD government free and followup with department for your license.

MCD License sent by courier

Once your MCD CODE registration is completed we will send MCD license to you by courier.


Frequently Asked Questions

MCD Trade License

It is a license or permission which is issued by the municipal corporation granting permission to carry on a particular trade on a particular address.

A Trade license is a permission that is granted by the authority to execute a specific trade or business at the establishment for which license for sought. Any illegitimate running of trade is a breach of the law which may result in a serious penalty.

Type A: - Type A licenses are delivered for the bussiness events interrelated to usable items and eating hubs.

Type B licenses are delivered for trades which makes use of locomotive supremacy. Like as a industries, flour mills, workshop etc.

Type C: -This license is issued for dangerous actions such as firewood, charcoal etc.

The trade license regeneration is done from 1st January to 31st March of every year. It is not a one-time license and is regeneration on journal basis.

The requirement of payment of yearly fees for the steadiness of the registration is also compulsory in some states.

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