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Types of Trademark Applications in India

The application process of the Registered Trademarks or for the registration of the trademarks is described in the Section 18 of Trademark act, 1999. It is mentioned over there that application for the same has to be done at the Registrar. For different goods, products and services, the trademark application can be forwarded by paying the fee prescribed in the rules and regulation for the registration of the trademark. A single application can be filed for the registration purpose of various classes of goods and services by an organisation or legal entity.

There are three different categories under which the application for the registration of the trademark can be filed and they are:

Trademark Registration made easy:

  1. Ordinary Trademark Application: It is the applications which are filed for only one class of products/ goods or services. The form used to file this kind of application is FORM TM – 1 and you need to pay the fee which is prescribed in the Trademark rules, 2002.
  2. Convention/ Priority Trademark Application: It is filed when any trademark is registered along with claiming priority for the convention country. In the Trademark Act, Section mentions about the provisions of the residents of the convention countries related to the registration of the trademark. In the prescribed provision, it is mentioned that if someone applies for registration of the trademark from a convention country and again apply for the same from India within six month, then the trademark if registered by the Registrar will be registered according to the date of the application made by the convention country. The form which is used to file this kind of application is FORM TM -2 for the single asset class and FORM TM- 52 for the multiple asset class.
  3. Multiclass Trademark Application: When one is filing the application for the registration of the trademark with the registrar for more than one class of asset, then he or she needs to file Multiple Trademark Application using the form which is FORM TM -51. One single application has to be filed for all the asset classes and that is why it is termed as Multiclass.

Beside this, you can also register series trademark, certification trademark and collective trademark under the Indian Trademark Law.

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