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Logo/Brand Name/TM or Trademark Registration in Haryana

Updated: 11 June, 2020, 04.20 pm IST

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Consult now for your TM/Logo/Brand/Trademark Registration in Haryana with the expert & largest Registered Attorney & Registered IPR Agency for TM in India & Abroad.

We are the registered attorney & registered IPR Agency and offer the best services with best cost/price for your Logo/Trademark/TM Registration in Haryana. We register all kind of Trade Marks like 1. Word Mark 2. Device Mark 3. Symbol 4. Label Mark 5. Sound Marks (SM) 6. Service Mark etc. Our team of professionals guide you through the whole process, explains you about the hows & whys of TM Registration. For best professional services & best TM follow ups, call us now!

We also Do:

  • Trade Mark Renewal
  • Trade Mark Litigation
  • Trade Mark Infringement
  • & Other Trade Mark related Cases

5 most important facts about Balaji IP Practice which makes us the leader:

1.ExperienceBalaji IP Practice has 15 Years of Experience
2.Lawyer’s in the Team is Must
  1. Satender Kumar (Advocate)
  2. Ritika Anand (Advocate)
  3. Yashmi Sehgal (Advocate)
3.Experience of Handling TM Litigation Matters in CourtYes, we have experience of handling IPR & Legal Matter in any Hon'ble Court or Tribunal
4.Experienced Team25+ Experienced & Expert Staff for Flawless Execution
5.Client Satisfaction6000+ Satisfied Customers in India or Abroad

We are experts in TM/LOGO/Trademark Registration in Haryana & Delhi NCR. For us each case is unique & we take every case very seriously. It should be taken seriously because TM is one of the biggest asset to any company/firm. Our professionals will guide you the whole process & will help you get your desired TM/Trademark.

We made Trademark Registration easy:

  • Just fill the form & one of our advisor will call you
  • Fill the form (Trademark Authorisation Letter) sent by our advisor
  • We will file your Trademark Application & you are ready to use TM

Why Us
  • We are Registered Attorney & Registered IPR Agency
  • Serving 6000+ Clients Globally
  • Registered more than 10687 Trademarks
  • Pan India Presence
  • Team of qualified & experienced staff
  • Committed to serve you in a best possible manner

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Few of the TM Certificates Processed by Balaji IP Practice

Important Business Facts about Haryana

The era of 1960s revolutionised the entire Indian economy by introducing the concept of Green Revolution. And of all states, the North-western states, Haryana being one, benefitted a lot from such an intensive plan. With Green revolution, agricultural produce increased in quality as well as quantity. Farmers cultivated high-yielding variety (HYV) crops and got more returns, which automatically improved the economic condition of the state. Since then, Haryana has been making history with its agricultural produce.

Here are some more economic and business facts about Haryana:

  1. The state government has always been bent on creating an easy environment for business. Its efforts have ranked the state in the 14th position among all Indian states in terms of ease of doing business.

  2. Further, the state government also takes active measures in framing and implementing fiscal policies according to Industrial and Investment Policy, 2011.

  3. Besides agriculture, the state is also witnessing rapid establishment of the IT sector. Corporate industry is expanding at a faster pace, creating more business and employment opportunities. Gurgaon in North India is gradually becoming a favourite place of all IT players namely TCS, Cognizance, Wipro, etc.

  4. Cottage industry, together with agro-based industries, is also progressing at par with other developments.

  5. Increasing per capita income and higher standard of life has also created demand for automobiles. Hence, the state holds a good market for the automobile players.

  6. There’s also the textile industry, known for its skills, expertise and efficiency. Some other emerging sectors are bio chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

  7. Haryana’s oil refining sector is also a major contributor to the state’s GDP. Like all other sectors, it too holds higher business prospects for businessmen.

To boost all the above industries, there’s greater connectivity, enhanced means of communication, efficient transport system and above all, tech-based infrastructure and high-tech systems.

What is Trademark Registration

Every business, regardless of its nature, function and operation, needs some identity. For some businesses, it’s the brand name while for others it might be the logo or the caption or the name of the company or its taglines. Whatsoever might be, it needs to be registered. Only then, businesses can possess a unique identity in the market. Trademark is therefore a vital asset of every business.

Most businessmen complete their formalities after registering their business name under the Companies Act. Little do they realise that the Companies Act registration won’t give any protection against those using similar or identical business identities like the logo or the tagline, etc. for their trade. In this case, registering the important business assets and getting a trademark license for them is the best way to prevent such problems.

Importance of Trademark Registration

  1. Legal Protection
    According to Trademark Act 1999, trademark registration eliminates all difficulties and in the light of any abnormalities, makes it easier for the company to challenge the convict in court. Thus, it gives wider protection to the business assets and provides legal identity to all the important elements of the business.

  2. More Market Value
    Trademark registration also enhances the business value in the market. As the business name gets well recognised, it becomes easier to establish on its planned communication lines. Consumers pay more importance to its products and there’s more buzz in the market. Simultaneously, supply chain sector also ensures fast and speedy services and recognises the business name.

  3. Effective use of Social Media and other Digital Platforms
    With an outburst in the use of social networks and digital devices, there are laws for ensuring safety and security and preventing malpractices in the virtual world. Therefore, to be in the online world, businesses must register their trademarks to make best use of social media in finding their target customers. Using this, they can also develop online communication and keep online threats at a distance.

From Trademark Registration to R

After registering the trademark, three important things need to be done.

There are two vital symbols, one is the trademark symbol, i.e. TM and the other is Registration, i.e. ® symbol. You can use the TM symbol soon after filling up the Brand name Registration Application form. The ® symbol can only be used when the entire trademark registration procedure is completed.

  1. The ® symbol
    The R symbol is the main trademark symbol. Using the R mark on the products and services authenticates the commodities coming from the particular business name. It further gives public notice to the commodities and the business as a whole. The R mark also tells the public that you, as a business have nationwide rights to operate your activities.

  2. Register your mark with Intellectual Property India
    The Intellectual Property India is the core authority in charge of issuing patents, designs and trademarks to businesses. The department of Industrial Policy and Promotion takes care of the entire registration process and handles every activity related to registering trademarks. It examines all business documents, sends it for verification and then registers your mark, against a fee. The department stores all your information in a database, ensures safety and confidentiality of your trademarks and prevents risks and threats.

  3. Sign up for Maintenance Documents Once a trademark is registered, it has to be renewed after certain years, as will be specified in the document. It is better to sign up for the maintenance documents where the authority takes the responsibility to send reminders before the expiry. A small amount is charged for renewal. If maintenance formalities are not finished, then Intellectual Property India has the right to cancel trademark, post which it can’t be restored or reinstated.

Where to get Trademark registered from?

In India, trademark registration is done in Delhi. There are many law firms that perform all the required formalities on your behalf. From filling up forms to sending them to the Intellectual Property India, they do it all. These firms are extremely professional. However, with so many companies around, it is important to ensure that the firms have a legal identity and that they are genuine and authentic. The best thing is to choose a firm that has experience in registering trademarks for similar businesses like yours. As trademark registration is a serious procedure, make sure that the law firm holds the capability to perform all the activities on-time.

How to find if Trademark is available?

Before registering your trademark, you must first take time to ensure that it does not exist in the market. In other words, no other company or brand must use the particular element in any way. If you come across a similar mark, you must immediately change that identity. Here’s how you can do a trademark search.

  1. Go to IP India Online. Here, you can have a free trademark search and see if any similar signs of your business’ identity exist in the market. Intellectual Property (IP) India is the official department of the Industrial Policy and Promotion that is in charge of issuing patents, designs and trademarks in the name of Government of India.

  2. Always remember that trademark can be phonetic, Wordmark or Vienna code. First, perform a local search for a trademark that should be unique and must exemplify the core functional areas of your brand.

  3. Once your choose your trademark, make sure that it must not have words or marks that are prohibited under Trademark Act of 1999 or any other law.

  4. Then go to the portal for Trademark of IP India and select the type of trademark finalised by you.

  5. Choose a keyword and value for your trademark for which you want to conduct a search.

  6. Now enter the class of trademark where you need to check the liability of your trademark.

  7. On clicking the search button, you can get the result and see if your trademark is available or not.

  8. If it is available, then can proceed towards filing the Trademark Application. In case it’s not, there are two alternatives. First, you perform a search in different class of trademarks. Second, you go for a different trademark.

Complete procedure for Trademark Registration

Trademark registration involves a 6-stage process.

Stage 1: Finalising the Brand name

The very first step is to come up with a catchy and innovative brand name which can immediately lure your target audience. Always keep few options in hand and then check if the name is used by any company, no matter of any stature. There are many companies which don’t advertise yet have a brand name. So, make sure that your brand name does not collide with them. If it coincides, then you cannot apply for the trademark.

Stage 2: Filing the Trademark Application

After deciding your brand name, you need to fill up the trademark application form, also known as Form TM 1. You need to incur a onetime fee of INR 3500. In support of your application, you have to submit the following documents.

  • Based on the type of your registered business like if it is sole proprietorship, etc. you must submit a business registration concern document. With this document, you also have to submit the identity proofs of all the directors of your company. An address proof is also required.
  • An image of your brand logo in standard size of 9X5cm
  • A proof of claim of your proposed trademark being used before in any other country, if applicable in your case.

While the first two documents are deemed mandatory, the third one may or may not be necessary. In either case, your law firm will notify you.

Stage 3: Completing the Brand name Registration Application

There are two ways you can do it by manual filling or e-filling. In manual filling, you have to personally walk into the office of the Registrar of Trademarks in Delhi and submit the registration application. On submitting the application, you shall receive an acknowledgement and a receipt within 15-20 days of filling the application.

Contrary to this, e-filling immediately issues the acknowledgement copy of your application. After receiving this, you can start using the TM symbol with your brand name.

E-filling is more flexible, easier and simplified. Presently, more companies are opting for this than physically walking down into the Registrar’s office. Such a system is also hassle-free.

Stage 4: Examining the Brand name Registration Application

After submitting the application to the Registrar, it checks if your brand name is in compliance with the law and also that it does not coincide with other registered or registration-pending brands. It also makes certain that your brand name is free from all kinds of disputes. Hence, it is always recommended to go for innovative and quirky brand names, instead of the generic ones.

Stage 5: Publishing your Trademark in the Indian Trademark Journal

Once your application is examined, your brand name or its logo is published in the Indian Trademark Journal for 3 months or 90 days and in some cases 4 months or 120 days. During this tenure, if the logo or the brand name is not subjected to any opposition from anyone right from the date of its publication, your brand name and the logo takes a step forward towards acceptance.

Stage 6: Issuing the Trademark Registration Certificate

Once the 3 months or 4 months period gets over and there’s no complain, then the Registrar accepts your trademark application and issues a Certificate of Registration bearing the seal of Trademark Registry. After this, you can use the registered trademark symbol ® right next to your brand name.

With this, the trademark registration procedure comes to an end. The entire process usually takes 15-18 months. From the date of its acceptance, that is the date when the Certification of Registration is issued, the trademark is valid for 10 years. You can now use your trademark for any business activity and enjoy all the benefits and protection that comes along. Also, never forget about renewing your trademarks and perform all the trademark maintenance formalities from time to time.

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